ITEC works to be a leading company internationally and recognized for the quality and diversity of products and solutions offered in the area of access control. With the dedication of the entire team, motivation and passion, iTEC is committed to the best business practices.

With the design, production and development departments, constantly investing in the quality of the team, iTEC is a reliable partner with the ability to have competitive advantages in the area of access control.

With iTEC systems to control access and monitoring of people and vehicles to dependencies and restricted areas of companies, condominiums, casinos, hospitals and other environments that lack security, iTEC was developed in order to create customized solutions to the specific needs, being innovative in the adaptation of a range of access control with all the guarantee of security that is required these days.
These solutions stand out from the simple control of a closet lock, with the possibility of setting up all access without software or software through intuitive programming, to the most complete hotel control system.

By investing in the most advanced technologies, the products are characterized by an exquisite identity, conferred by the combination of rigorous quality tests with the manual processes that ensure the perfection and innovation of the finished products.

As an international group, with established partnerships and offices, it emerges with the need to approach markets through brand branches, thus becoming a group on the scale of globalization in which we live today as a reality.
This approach, as a strategic vision, towards technological change and orientation strengthens competitive dynamics and facilitates the achievement of objectives that in isolation would become infeasible or at least much more difficult to achieve.